Transports Public Genevois (TPG – Geneva Public Transport) operates the public transport system of the Geneva Canton and several neighboring areas in France. The transport system includes trams, buses and electric buses. A common fares system (UNIRESO) is in place, so users can buy a single ticket to use on all public transport in its zones.



The complexity and vast scope of the TPG transport network results in a need for powerful information systems to manage operations, plan timetables, provide information to passengers and handle customer relations. Operating a varied portfolio of information systems can prove costly in terms of time and money. To improve the efficiency and quality of its services, TPG decided to implement HASTUS, a state-of-the-art public transport planning and management software package.

Launching new technology affecting all aspects of a transport system with 471,000 journeys per day requires efficient planning and accurate implementation. Particular emphasis was placed on the 1,600 TPG employees and their training, adoption and efficient use of this critical new system.


Nexavis, an AIM’s partner, leader in the field of User Take-up, was selected by TPG to support this technology launch. Nexavis took on the Change Management aspect and the implementation of a documentation management system, and ensured full take-up by the 1,600 employees. In the three years they spent on the project, Nexavis was responsible for the creation and management of all training and documentation tools, not only for HASTUS, but also for all the other software used by TPG: SAP, business content management solution, Microsoft Office 2010, etc.

Nexavis worked in accordance with the TPG Learning Management System, to maximize the efficiency of the training program. By tracking and certifying the staff, the system helped to ensure consistency of knowledge, and most importantly, to confirm they had adopted the technology in their day-to-day work.

Part of the solution provided to TPG is the User Adoption Dashboard. This powerful control and real-time measurement software provides TPG with a user-friendly web interface to track the progress of user implementation and engagement rate in real time.

This visibility of user interactions and activities keeps TPG informed on weaknesses and help to adapt training and support, thus preventing weaknesses from affecting day-to-day operations. TPG found it very useful. Regular support increases employee confidence in the new system particularly when they carry out unfamiliar tasks.

“With the Nexavis dashboard, we can easily track use of the training and online help for our applications over time. For each project, this is especially useful in identifying the best learning pathways and supporting documents. Such an approach is essential to optimize our investment in content development”, said the TPG Applications Manager.


  • A 40% reduction in the cost of helpdesk calls.
  • A 60% reduction in “classroom” training needs. By migrating to a mixed solution including e-learning, the client reduced employee training requirements, from 5-7 days needed before the project launch to 1.5 days today.
  • A significant OPEX reduction and a 273% ROI on content management.