The client is a global supplier of equipment and services for packaging manufacturers. Based in Switzerland, the company operates in many countries and employs 5,000 people.​



The company’s employees are increasingly mobile, resulting in the need to access company information whether they are in or out of the office. The client is also faced with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, which triggers potential security issues.

To counter this, the client decided to standardise its company mobile fleet through a CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) policy. He adopted a solution to manage and secure employees’ terminals (around 1,200 devices), prevent the loss of sensitive data, manage the mobile applications (for the market and internal company ones), and provide seamless integration with other solutions.


Following a call for tenders, the client selected AirWatch, the world leader in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and its Swiss partner AiM, a certified expert in AirWatch integration.

“AiM made a strong impression on us. The company distinguished itself from its competitors by the quality of its people, and especially the technical responses given during the presentation. AiM is also the only organisation that offered us the AirWatch solution, with its features that match our needs perfectly”, said the client Security Manager.

The project began with a pilot stage with a representative sample of the worldwide population. The solution was then deployed to all relevant employees within 6 months.

With AirWatch and its unique administration console, the client can now handle their employees’ various mobile terminals, manage privacy and access level to company content (encryption), manage applications, and if necessary, remotely delete data stored on employees phones (wipe-out).


  • A unique solution to manage and secure an international mobile fleet
  • Client autonomy: an on-premise solution with local Admin & Helpdesk team training
  • A Swiss integrator and AirWatch “premier partner”
  • A committed, AirWatch-certified AiM technical team
  • A solution responding perfectly to client needs
  • A controlled, secure CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) strategy