The client is the Val-de-Travers Watchmaking Training Centre, Walther Sàrl.
Founded in 1996 by Mr Jean-Hugues Walther, a watchmaker and educator, the Val-de-Travers Watchmaking Training Centre, Walther Sàrl, offers training sessions in watchmaking for adults and young adults, in the form of continuing education or professional reintegration.



As part of its 20th anniversary, the Val-de-Travers Watchmaking Training Centre, Walther Sàrl organised an event to raise public awareness of the watchmaking world. The client wished to include familiarisation with the assembly of a watch, using electronic media.

The Val-de-Travers Watchmaking Training Centre, Walther Sàrl, therefore asked AiM to design an application to enable users to assemble various components of a dismantled watch, then to see them in action.


AiM has developed Tell Watch, a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) application, offering advanced functions to assist in watch assembly. To respond to the changing needs of watchmakers, AiM also developed TellView, a 3D reader able to quickly and interactively display and view any 3D model (for watchmaking or otherwise).

For this project, AiM used the TellView model, integrated it in a mobile application built on powerful cross-platform technologies.

The application has four sections :

  • a home screen, to view all the disassembled components of the watch movement
  • a section where users attempt to re-assemble the movement in the right order
  • a third section, where the watch can be customised and personalised (bracelet and hand colour, face texture, etc.)
  • Lastly, a section where user can e-mail the model they have just rebuilt.

“As part of the Val-de-Travers fair that took place from 26 August to 04 September 2016 and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Val-de-Travers Watchmaking Training Centre, Walther Sàrl, they were looking for innovation by presenting and offering a fun educational programme for its students and the public. They approached AiM Services SA, who quickly responded to their request. The result was a success. Compliance with deadlines, responses to the various requests and changes were quick, effective and highly professional. We would like to thank AiM Services SA for this success”.
, said Laurence Mounir-Walther, Client Project Co-ordination Manager.


  • A Swiss company active in the Watchmaking sector for many years
  • A mixed team of watchmaker consultants and developers
  • A simple, stable, long-lasting interactive application
  • Offering our client the option to collect visitor e-mails in an amusing way via the application