Established in 1998, Emile Chouriet is a prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer, based in Geneva, the home of Swiss watchmaking. The manufacturer continues the art of watchmaking, bequeathing their heritage of craftsmanship to current and future generations. The elegant, original, unique design of their watches double wings and the unique flared shape represent the DNA of the brand.



The automatic movement of every Emile Chouriet watch is manufactured and tested with the greatest attention to detail from the brand’s watchmakers. Wishing to raise awareness of the sophistication of their watch movements, the client was looking for a fun touchscreen application for its booth at Baselworld.

The application needed to present the movement functioning, and enable users to explore it on interactive panels.


Emile Chouriet uses the SolidWorks solution to design their watch movements. In the search for an additional business solution, the manufacturer choses Tell Watch, AiM’s Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, with its advanced design, kinematics and analysis functions for watch movements.

Satisfied with this first collaboration, and given AiM’s dual expertise in the fields of mobile application development and watchmaking, the manufacturer decided to entrust AiM with the creation of its interactive application.

The application consists of three modules, offering users the options of viewing in-house brand videos, exploring a watch and its movement details, and having fun by attempting to reconstruct the movement.

To create the last two modules, AiM used CAD models designed by the manufacturer’s watchmakers. Step files were uploaded into Tell Watch, then into AiM’s Tell Rendering solution (to include and display all watch models), before integrating them into the application.

The application architecture is based on Adobe Air, a cross-platform technology for fluid handling of 2D and 3D animations. The final program can be distributed as a stand-alone application for PC (and Mac), and on iPads.

“We appreciate the AiM team going into uncharted territory with us to develop an interactive application for our brand. It’s always a challenge to imagine things that do not yet exist, and to get the right result”, said Sophie Depéry, Art Director at Emile Chouriet.


  • A Geneva company active in the Watchmaking sector for many years
  • A mixed team of watchmaker consultants and developers
  • A Technology Monitoring and R&D Department to offer state-of-the-art technologies
  • A simple, stable, sustainable and reusable interactive application (with the option to change the videos and watch movements easily)