The client, a Swiss watchmaker specialised in manufacturing high-precision watches, meets the extremely strict standards of Swiss watchmaking. Its reputation is founded on the quality and sophistication of these watches. Mastery of these features is the key to the company’s success. They have encouraged the quality department to innovate by using new technology to support the manufacturing and method departments.



Use of paper-based  documentation and forms to track manufacturing orders makes the process cumbersome and inefficient. The assembler watchmakers are unable to report quality issues found in real time during the assembly of a watch or a movement.

Computer access on workbenches would greatly facilitate the process, in particular to track time spent on assembly and inspection, key to the effective re-planning of the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, the size of the workbenches does not allow for a conventional computer workstation.


Thanks to its experience in watchmaking with Tell Watch (CAD) software  and skills in mobile application development, AiM came up with the idea of an original solution.

This solution is based on the use of a reduced-size touchscreen unit (an Android tablet). The unit takes up very little space on the workbench and provides access to a stand-alone database of all the information necessary to track the manufacturing order (assembly instructions, operations, components, statistics and faults). It can also display useful rich multimedia content (photos, diagrams, videos).

Finally, the application ergonomics is optimised for use by assembler watchmakers, who work with gloves.


  • Ergonomics fully adapted to the workplace (workbench) with a “finger”-controlled application (no mouse or keyboard)
  • Rich, dynamic multimedia content.
  • Manufacturing process tracking.
  • Instantaneous fault escalation.
  • Real-time product quality control.