The client is a Swiss company active in the coffee market. Renowned for the quality of its products, the company works closely with many small producers of green coffee from different regions of the world.



Anxious to improve its image, the client launched a project to rank coffee farms, based on three focus areas: Ecological, Economic and Social. This project enables the identification and geo-location of all the farms and the collection of a maximum amount of information about each of them. Local agronomists have been retained to conduct field surveys and perform analyses on the data produced.

To do this, the client needed to provide its staff with a mobile application for use on all types of devices (iOS, Android), and specifically capable of working offline due to the possible lack of local connections.


Since the client is already equipped with a native iOS mobile application, AiM chose to start a retro-specification of this application in order to rewrite it as multi-platform technology, enabling savings in terms of time and development costs.

The (re)created application uses an embedded database capable of handling hundreds of megabytes of data. It enables local teams to capture photos and geographic coordinates directly from the terminal, to retrieve and/or push data to/from the central database, and to view instant statistics on the terminal before consolidation. The ergonomics of this application has been designed to be adapted for use by the farmers.

As a result, the collected data are compiled in the form of a dashboard and used for communication with both employees and the general public.

Finally, AiM has also set up a synchronization mechanism supporting poor quality internet networks.


  • A multi-platform mobile application which works online and offline
  • Ergonomics defined to order, and adapted to different uses/trades
  • A bidirectional synchronisation application
  • A mobile application capable of handling network instability