CEstablished in 1906, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the international organisation responsible for standardising electrical and electronic components, equipment and systems. It has 166 member countries, representing 96% of the world population and 98% of electricity production. Almost 15,000 experts work together on its neutral, independent platform.
IECEx is the compliance system to certify facilities, equipment, repairs and overhauls, as well as people working in explosive environments.



The teams in charge of issuing and managing compliance certificates for industrial and electrical equipment work in the field, and require access to the certificate information at any time.

The IECEx therefore wanted to simplify access to the compliance certificates as they appear in the public section of the website,, and asked AiM to create a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Since the dangerous nature of the equipment environments sometimes prevents any internet connection, some of the information must be available offline.


To meet the needs of the IECEx, AiM created a cross-platform mobile application on Angular JS (Ionic Framework), HTML5 and PhoneGap.

The mobile application was developed according to the “single page application” model, providing savings in mobile data and increased application responsiveness. By transferring the application’s intelligence to mobile devices, AiM enabled offline use of IECEx.

Main application features :

  • Online: IECEx certificate search on the public website, updating of the local database for offline use, display of all certificate-related information.
  • Offline: search on locally-stored certificates and partial display of the certificate information.


  • A cross-platform application, running online and offline
  • Option to set up the application for different types of certificate (generic)
  • Low application sensitivity to OS updates