Established in 1824, the Ecole d’Horlogerie de Genève (EHG) trains over 260 students for the Federal Certificate of Capacity (CFC) and the bachelor degree diploma.  The school’s objective is to train professionals in watch making trades and to pass on to them the watch making know-how inherited from Swiss culture.
The training is based on the use of Tell Watch  a computer-aided design (CAD) software developed and marketed by AiM.



The Ecole d’Horlogerie de Genève has launched a training course to allow professionals to better understand the watchmaker’s craft. The school appointed AiM to create interactive training material on touch pad to be used by students. The application includes:

  • A navigation map and the ability to visualise the different components of a watch in 3D;
  • A search engine for videos based on The Theory of Horology by Charles André Reymondin, Georges Monnier, Didier Jeanneret and Umberto Pelaratti.
  • A page referencing the course documents in .pdf format.


To meet the Ecole d’Horlogerie needs, AiM created an application based on a 3D module and adapted to mobile and HTML5 navigation.

3D documents are produced directly by Tell Watch and can be managed and explored interactively. Video documents are also published by Tell Watch and broadcasted in HTML5. All other media are produced in a more traditional way and are rewritten as HTML pages optimised for touch screens.

All documents are edited independently by the Ecole d’Horlogerie through the internet. The resulting multi-platform application provides users with a cutting-edge native mobile application, which functions with or without internet.

« Not only does this solution meet the needs of the younger generations and bring dynamism to our training, but it is also offers a collaborative tool for teachers, who can continuously improve teaching documents »  states Pierre Amstutz, Managing Director of the school.


In January 2016 the project was rewarded with the “Digital Award”, which prizes the most innovative IT project in French-speaking Switzerland.


  • A truly multimedia application: Real-time 3D, Videos, PDF, Visio, HTML
  • A multi-platform application which works online and offline
  • Ability for the client to customise the application
  • Ability for the client to customise the application content (generic)
  • Low sensitivity of the application to OS updates
  • Innovative HTML5 navigation, designed following the Mobile First principle