The client is a Geneva based International Organisation with offices in many countries and regions, to promote and protect their important cause at an international level.



Each year, this International Organisation organises several international conferences in Geneva, during which delegates must be able to access information about the session and speaker schedule and have access to the documentary materials for the conferences. Previously, the information was available on an Extranet, but this platform was not suitable for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

Our client needed a mobile application to provide access to the information. With delegates from many countries, the application needed to work on all types of mobile devices and OSs (iOS, Android, Windows).

NB: the main conference is organised yearly and includes around 20 fringe meetings and hosts several thousand delegates.


As it did not have the required skills in-house, the client launched an international call for tenders. AiM distinguished itself in the first stage of the call for tenders, with “its engagement, the relevance of the questions asked and its desire to understand the context and needs of all parties involved in this project (technicians, organisers and delegates)”. A dozen European, American and Swiss companies responded to the call for tenders and three were shortlisted

To meet the client’s needs, AiM used PhoneGap technology to create a stand-alone application of cross-platform web pages (hosted on a SharePoint 2013 server).

The core of the application is a calendar, for delegates to access the session and meeting schedule, and related information and documents.

The application needed to be available on a specific date (the next conference session after the call for tenders), so it was developed, tested and put into production in just one month.

“The application developed by AiM meets our needs perfectly. We worked with a team of skilled experts highly engaged in this project. Originally, the application was only intended to be used for one annual conference session, but we now use it for all other sessions”, commented the customer Information & Technology Department Manager.


  • Availability of experts in the field of cross-platform development
  • A local team, to facilitate communications
  • A simple, scalable application with well-thought out ergonomics
  • The option to update information in real time