BOUCLEDOR is an SME specialised in manufacturing top-of-the-range buckles and clasps for watch bracelets in precious and other noble metals. Its headquarters is near Geneva, where the 120 employees of the company work. BOUCLEDOR’s target market is the biggest names in luxury watchmaking in Switzerland and abroad. BOUCLEDOR has a catalogue of standard products, and offers design services to meet specific requirements.



Mindful of its customers needs, the BOUCLEDOR management took advantage of their attendance at the EPHJ 2012 trade show to launch an online satisfaction survey.

The survey was aimed at assessing customers’ perception of the company’s products, services and images, and to gauge their loyalty. The plan was also to provide suggestions and comments on expectations, and as a sideline, to obtain information on the strategic market positioning of BOUCLEDOR.

The survey results would then be analyzed, for an improved understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses and to determine short- and medium-term action plans.


Boucledor awarded the online survey project to AiM. An Interview EFM platform was used throughout the process, from questionnaire design to detailed analysis of the results.

To optimize the response rate, the questionnaire was offered in two languages, German and French, according to respondent’s native language. The survey report included satisfaction indicators by field, overall satisfaction level, customer loyalty, qualitative information (opinions, comments, suggestions, etc.) and a grid setting out the impact of assessment criteria on overall satisfaction.


  • Understanding levels of customer engagement.
  • Assessment of customer needs in terms of products and services.
  • Insight into positioning compared to competitors.
  • Support for creation of measurable action plans.