Business Solutions


AiM publishes and develops bespoke business solutions, integrating technology partners components. AiM assists customers in choosing solutions to meet their needs, and guarantees the success of their integration projects.

Tell Softwares, CAD solutions for watchmaking and industries

AiM develops and markets the Tell Software platform, a set of CAD software targeted for specific business needs. The platform includes Tell Watch, which offers to the watchmaking industry advanced features for the conception and functional analysis of watch movements, Tell Industry and Tell Archi, CAD software for engineers, architects and town planners. Visit the dedicated website to learn more.

Development and integration of business solutions

As the publisher of a social ERP for the Government (Progrès) and a dedicated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) solution for Watchmaking and Industry (Tell Softwares), AiM has proven its expertise in software integration, consulting, local support and assistance.

Furthermore, AiM designs, develops, deploy and manages desktop and mobile applications and/or web services/micro-services connected to existing information system (.NET, Java/J2ee, JavaScript, NodeJS, etc.) in order to provide its customers with more dynamic application environments.

As an integrator, AiM takes you through all stages:

– Audit & Consulting, Choice of solution as business project management support
– Software Architecture, Industrialization and Development Guides
– Bespoke design and implementation (HTML5/CSS3, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C# languages) as IT project management support
– Team induction and training
– Support, Maintenance & Upgrade

10 900
Development days
Languages mastered
1 Million
lines of code written
Projects conducted

Progrès, Social ERP

AiM develops and markets a Social ERP (Progrès), a complete management solution for social services.

The AiM social services management system is an integrated, flexible, client-oriented system covering the needs of a wide range of government agencies and social welfare programmes.
This solution is based on three decades of experience, during which AiM has assisted several public administrations to simplify record management and increase social services efficiency, while reducing costs and error rates.

Bonita BPM, Business Process Management

AiM has been a MAESTRO integrator,  the highest level of Bonitasoft partnership, since the partner program was established in 2008. As a result AiM is able to provide clients with the highest level of expertise and accreditation in Bonita BPM solution integration.

As an open-source solution specialist, AiM helps businesses to integrate Bonita BPM in their existing IT system, by developing specific connectors and tools for the solution. Learn more about Bonita BPM

ThétraWin, real estate management software

As partner of SEIITRA, AiM offers ThetraWin, a real estate management software package for property management and joint ownership. ThetraWin is installed in all French-speaking canton since 2010, through about 20 agencies. A comprehensive and powerful software package it fully supports business processes optimization and budget control.

Backed by its unique field expertise, AiM provides local support, assistance and integration services. Find out more about ThétraWin