Data Intelligence


AiM is active in the field of Data Intelligence, including Business Intelligence, Master Data Management, Budget Planning, Financial Consolidation, Predictive and Cognitive Analysis.


AiM multi-disciplinary team of Architects, Business Analysts and Developers offers you data intelligence cutting-edge knowledge together with technical and functional skills:

– Upstream consulting: audit, consulting platforms improvement and assistance solutions selection.
– Intervention during all stages of project implementation
– Support for integrated solutions and team training

AiM teams are certified in current technologies, using the Agile methodology. Theycan work both on traditional databases and Big Data.

As AiM various Competence Centers work in close collaboration, the chosen solutions can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud, according to customer requirements.

8 400
Reports produced
1 tera
of data processed
Budget planning projects
Training sessions run

Business Intelligence & Master Data Management

AiM can assist clients through all the stages of a BI project, from business needs and KPI analysis to solution implementation and support.

  1. Consulting: BI platform audits, Assistance BI solution selection, KPI definition
  2. Implementation :
    – Environment installation
    – Multi-source data integration (ETL) / Data quality
    – Master Data Management solution implementation
    – Data reporting and analysis (e.g. reports, cubes, dashboards), available on desktop / tablet / mobile
    – Decision-making portal security
    – Platform organisation
    – Migrating one tool to a different or upgraded version

3. Bespoke training / support (BI platform management / IBM Support Provider)

Project: redesign of a BI solution for a call centre

Budget Planning and Financial Consolidation

  1. Consulting: Needs analysis, Assistance in PM (Performance Management) solutions selection.
  2. Implementation :
    – Environment installation
    – Budget planning application development
    – Financial consolidation application development
    – Financial reporting
    – Validation workflow definition
  3. Bespoke training and support (PM platform management / IBM Support Provider)

Predictive and cognitive analysis

  1. Consulting: Assistance in solutions selection
  2. Implementation :
    – Environment installation
    – Sample definition
    – Predictive model development
    – Performance evaluation
    – Cognitive analysis application development
  3. Bespoke training and support (IBM Support Provider)