The client is the Geneva Canton, more specifically the DGSI, Direction Générale des Systèmes d’Information (General  Directorate for Information Systems). In collaboration with the other departments of the State, the DGSI is responsible for the development and implementation of the information systems and communications strategy as well as the information security policy of the Canton government.



Since 2006, the DGSI has been conducting an online satisfaction survey with users of all departments, excluding universities and hospitals. The main objective of the survey is to measure global user satisfaction with IT and telecommunications services offered by the DGSI, and to provide comments and suggestions to identify areas of improvement for the future. The DGSI is the only interdepartmental service offering this type of survey to canton employees.

To control data privacy, the State of Geneva uses an on-site LimeSurvey platform to run its internal and external surveys autonomously. However, for each survey, the DGSI team was looking for the support of experts in satisfaction surveys.


Following a call for tenders, AiM distinguished itself from its competitors by “the relevance of their analysis of the existing questionnaire”, said Christopher Larraz, Information Technology Consultant at the DGSI, who assessed the proposals. With a long lasting experience in EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management), AiM demonstrated its expertise gained from implementing and supporting several satisfaction survey projects for IT department.

To meet the needs of the DGSI, AiM worked on optimising the questionnaire and its dissemination (taking into account that the questionnaire would be compared with previous results). AiM also dealt analysis of the responses, resulting in a comprehensive study report, including references to benchmarks in IT departments and an in depth analysis of factors affecting overall user satisfaction.

The survey was sent out in late November 2015; the results were presented to the DGSI Board in February 2016. 10,187 employees of the State of Geneva were asked to complete the questionnaire, with a response rate of 30.7%, 5% higher than the previous survey conducted  in 2011. The improved ergonomics of the questionnaire, it’s simple, streamlined process, the clear and standardised wording of the questions and the option of leaving comments throughout the process contributed to the higher take-up rate.

“We are pleased with the support provided by AiM for this survey. We particularly appreciate the sizeable semantic analysis conducted on the open-ended questions in the survey”, concluded Christopher Larraz.


  • A team experienced in survey methodology, especially in IT services
  • Optimisation of an online questionnaire for better flow and ergonomics
  • Implementation of an automated tool for the semantic analysis of responses
  • Considerable improvement in the take-up rate compared to the two previous versions of the survey.