The client is the Geneva Canton, more specifically the DGSI, Direction Générale des Systèmes d’Information (General  Directorate for Information Systems). The DGSI provides information technology and communications services to all departments in the canton government. It is also responsible for implementing the information systems and communications strategy adopted by the Council of State, and for drafting a digital policy for the canton of Geneva.



Digital transition is one of the priorities of the canton of Geneva. The concrete, visible example of the implementation of this strategy today is the online procedure portal (, enabling citizens to carry out administrative procedures entirely online.

To decide on the significance of this action, the DGSI has committed to running an online survey of all active users of e-procedure services, using the internal LimeSurvey platform and relying on AiM expertise in methodological support and results analysis.

The challenges of this initiative include volume, with more than 150,000 users to be surveyed, and the need to implement automated semantic analysis technology to process the survey responses.


Working in the EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) field, AiM counts on the great deal of experience gained from implementation and support projects for satisfaction studies.

AiM consultants have conducted workshops with the business teams involved in designing the online procedures. The aim of the resulting questionnaire was to measure the most significant satisfaction indicators and collect text comments on reasons for dissatisfaction and suggestions for improvement. The DGSI has fully dealt with the operational aspects of securely sending out and collecting responses.

The operational aspects of dissemination and secure collection of responses have been fully controlled by the DGSI.

AiM has provided  both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the responses, and has submitted a comprehensive report of more than 120 pages. The survey findings have resulted in the Geneva Department of Security and the Economy (DSE) issuing a press release, available at

“Given the large amount of responses to the few open-ended questions, AiM’s contribution to the counting of these unstructured data was strongly appreciated”, said Christopher Larraz, Information Technology Consultant at the DGSI

“Our company is pleased to have contributed to the success of this ambitious project, and with the great collaborative spirit of the DGSI business teams. Users’ strong commitment to this survey, demonstrated by the high take-up rate and the volume of responses to the open-ended questions, shows, if needs be, the appetite and importance of listening to citizens’ voices in the broad sense”, added Thierry Papilloud, CEO of AiM.


    • A team experienced in survey methodology
    • The “responsive design” of the online questionnaire, to optimise participant experience
    • Advanced statistical analysis, oriented towards factors affecting satisfaction
    • Implementation of automated semantic analysis of responses