PALEXPO organises and develops international events: fairs, conferences and congresses, either on its own behalf or for third-party organisers. Located at the crossroads of Europe, very close to Geneva International Airport, the site offers easy access to visitors and exhibitors.



Held every three years, INDEX is a trade show that attracts professionals from the non-woven sector and their suppliers from around the world. The event takes place over four consecutive days and enables delegates to discover new opportunities, identify market trends and their practical applications, create business links and exchange information and experiences with professionals in the field.

The most recent INDEX, in 2011, brought in 530 exhibitors and more than 12,600 market players, representing 100 countries and all the continents. To determine whether the event fulfilled delegates’ expectations, a satisfaction survey is organized at the end of each event. Delegates’ responses are analyzed and the results taken into account to ensure that the program and activities presented at the next event meet the needs of participants.


At INDEX 2011, AiM was commissioned to organize two separate satisfaction surveys, one for visitors, the other for exhibitors. Using an innovative online survey management platform, AiM designed two structured questionnaires around the following topics :

  • Reasons for visiting
  • Program content
  • Marketing and promotional aspects
  • Organizational and logistics aspects
  • Intention to return
  • Loyalty and recommendations
  • Comments and suggestions

The satisfaction surveys were sent out just before the end of the event, in the form of a personalized e-mail containing hypertext link to the survey. This method guaranteed anonymity, with thorough tracking to ensure a representative sample of the respondents.

To follow up the satisfaction surveys, AiM produced a full statistical report for the event organizers to analyze the results from various points of view. In particular, the report included an in-depth impact assessment of the factors affecting delegate satisfaction. To conclude, a high-level presentation was organized to review the main findings and discuss the recommended action plan.


  • Understanding delegates’ perception of the quality of aspects of the event (logistics, business benefits, programme content, exhibition, communications, promotional activities and more)
  • Identification of factors affecting delegate satisfaction
  • Assessment of intention to return to the next event
  • Exploration of how to improve and change for the next event