The client is Hublot, the watch manufacturer whose head office is based in Nyon, Switzerland and is a member of the LVMH Group, the world’s leader for luxury products.
Established in 1980, Hublot excels in the Art of Fusion of materials in its timepieces.



The Hublot factory designs its own watch movements, including the famous Unico, using CAD. A few years ago, the factory decided to “dictate” the use of only one generic CAD software (SolidWorks), in order to streamline its workflow and, especially, to facilitate the exchange of information between the various specialists involved in the process of creating a watch.

Although it had some advantages  such as a gateway to machine tools, the chosen solution did not gather together all the features and know-how required for watch movements design.


Therefore, Hublot’s watch movement designers chose Tell Watch as a complementary tool and use it, among other things, to kick off their 2D design and to make the calculations, kinematic and watch’s springs analysis. What is more, Tell Watch has gateways with most of the generic off-the-shelf CAD software, enabling designers to directly transfer a complete CAD design, in both directions, while retaining the construction tree particular to each software.

« There is currently no generally adopted design tool for watch making. Tell Watch is a true Swiss Army knife; it enables rapid design work and its functions are well thought-out. The bridge between Tell Watch and SolidWorks saves me a lot of time; when I do a plan layout in SolidWorks, I can very quickly and easily reproduce the design in Tell Watch for kinematic verification and to check conformity of the movement. If I have a correction to make, I only need to change a sketch in Tell Watch, re-import it into SolidWorks, and the corrections are made automatically “, says Christophe Lyner “I also appreciate the proximity, flexibility and responsiveness of the team who we can easily turn to if we need assistance with the solution. I can’t work without Tell Watch “, he adds.

The Tell Watch R&D team also can add specific functionality, thus offering dedicated software to watch making manufacturers. For instance, the Tell Watch development team created a macro for Hublot in order to calculate a chronograph-heart with a constant angle, while minimizing the design time.


  • Easy 2D design, thanks to the library of components to NIHS standards
  • Exchange sketches or assemblies between software through gateways
  • Ability to replay old .dxf files to re-record them in a current format
  • Rapidity of reading and the ability to isolate components quickly
  • Software which is 100% Swiss, adapted for the watchmaker’s craft
  • Development team close to its clients / Development of customized functions on demand

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