The client is a Swiss Haute École de Santé (vocational university specialised in healthcare).
Founded over 10 years ago, the Haute École has three main objectives: to train healthcare professionals, to conduct applied research and development projects, and to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of Geneva Canton and Switzerland.



In 2015, the Haute École de Santé wished to replace the IT equipment in its server room. The Haute École IT department requested AiM to support the reorganisation of part of their infrastructure.

The Haute École expectations for this new infrastructure were as follow:

  • Reduce the number of physical machines (Green IT).
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Simplify configuration and management.
  • Introduce scalable innovative technology.


In order to replace existing servers and SAN, AiM proposed to implement Nutanix hyperconvergence as a solution to integrate existing servers with local storage in a 2U format. With hyperconvergence, the various computer components (servers, data storage devices, network equipment, infrastructure management software, etc.) can now be brought together into a single optimised solution, simplifying infrastructure management.

The migration took place over three days at the end of 2015, with no interruption of service. The IT department is fully satisfied with the solution after years of operations. “We would like to thank AiM for the good advice, efficiency and skills they deployed in this project”, commented the Haute École de Santé IT Manager.


  • The support of a Swiss company employing certified experts in the Nutanix solution
  • Simplicity of implementation and time savings in day-to-day management
  • Significantly improved performance