The client is the Government of a the Swiss canton.



In 2015, the Government took the decision to undergo an overhaul of its central application. The client needed an environment provisioning  solution in order to optimize its infrastucture management.

Satisfied with a previous project conducted by AiM (implementation of AirWatch), the client decided to award AiM  this second project.


As a Microsoft Silver partner, with many certified engineers in MS solutions, AiM recommended the set-up of Microsoft System Center, to provide automatic provisioning of deployment environments.

This solution brought several advantages :

  • Enabling developers to deploy virtual machines (VMs) via a user friendly interface,
  • Achieving fully automated server setup,
  • Enabling automatic installation of SQL instances, with no intervention from the developers,
  • Enabling VM lifecycle management with automatic deletion.

AiM also proposed the installation of the Azure Pack layer to provide an on-premise Azure “private cloud”, in order to provide a similar experience to Azure familiar developers,.

The project started with a 10 days Proof of Concept (POC) and was released in 2016.

“This mission was very attractive for the AiM team. We started the project on Windows Server 2012 R2, and in agreement with our client, we took advantage of the Microsoft release to deploy the project on Windows Server 2016. We have therefore been able to work on an innovative solution, to enable the client to kick off a first transition to a 100% cloud infrastructure”, commented the AiM Senior Infrastructure Consultant in charge of the project.


        • Working with experts in infrastructure management with expertise in the Government field
        • Access to certified experts in Microsoft solutions
        • The option of validating the concept through a POC before putting the project into production
        • The Windows Azure Pack solution was a perfect fit for the existing client environment