Mission & Values


Our people’s proven expertise enables AiM to add innovation and value to our clients, whether SMEs or key accounts, in the fields of: Cloud & Infrastructure, Data Intelligence, Mobility and Business Solutions.


AiM is a Swiss company with national and international renown. We add value to your investments, whatever your size and industry sector, by providing you with innovative solutions.

We meet your challenges and take a role in your development, based on our expertise in the fields of: Cloud & Infrastructure, Mobility, Business SolutionsData Intelligence.

Technology monitoring, R&D and upgrading our knowledge form part of our DNA.

We are fully committed to our ISO 9001 and FINMA-accredited quality strategy.

We enable our people to develop their skills by providing continuous training and certification, giving us the opportunity to grow together.

We attach great importance to the notion of pleasure at work and strive to create a dynamic, enjoyable and culturally rewarding professional environment.

We support the exchange of ideas and value the commitment to build a long-term relationship based on mutual respect.

We check whether our people and our clients are satisfied. We are reinventing partnership…

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We enjoy our work and do it enthusiastically. We therefore add to the performance and success of AiM. Our motivation is rooted in the daily fulfilment of our people. We become more motivated by mutual trust and recognition.


We are committed to doing our best at work, with loyalty and honesty. We strive to satisfy our clients, and share this value with our colleagues and our company. Our commitment is also expressed through our social responsibility.


We show respect to our clients, our partners and our colleagues. This is demonstrated by the ability to establish professional relationships based on consideration, listening and empathy, in a spirit of reciprocity. Respect also expresses our compliance with the regulations of the company and the society in which we operate.


We constantly seek continuous improvement. We are serious, competent and professional in our interactions with our clients and our people. We provide our services in accordance with best practice. Quality of people, skills, organisation and deliverables forms part of our DNA.