Gemeente Tilburg is a municipality in the Netherlands, managing the City of Tilburg and providing support to the surrounding towns and villages in the vast region of Brabant.



The Municipality of Tilburg was looking to improve communication between its employees, increase interaction with its citizens and encourage co-operation between the public, companies and government institutions. They also wished to extend access to their intranet to officials working outside the city centre of Tilburg.

The intention was to use a portal for access to micro-sites, to disseminate information and facilitate communication between communities.


Tilburg created a social network named “T Community”. This site connects local government employees in the surrounding towns and villages with their counterparts at the City of Tilburg government, via a unique enterprise social network.


  • Increase in internal knowledge-sharing between employees.
  • Link-up of local officials and City employees.
  • Increase in co-operation in joint initiatives among all officials and employees.
  • Improvement in communication with partners outside the nearby local government.
  • Option of extension to active communities for the towns in the region administered by the Municipality.