The client is an organisation subject to the provisions of Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. Our client’s mission is to meet the religious needs of Protestants, and to defend and spread the principles of the Reformation. Support from all their members has enabled them to continue with their work.



Following an audit of the governance of IT projects, the EPG (Protestant Church of Geneva) decided to create an IT Master Plan, to take into account the results of the governance audits and the technical inventory. This Information System Master Plan (ISMP) was included in a more general reflection on EPG’s development, towards the restructuring of the Institution’s services and costs.

The ISMP was aimed at identifying the elements to be put in place, for the institution to operate reliably and economically through IT.


AiM assisted  the Church management team in structuring main decisions to be taken in strategic, organisational and operational areas.

Based on the overall visions of the Church’s needs and taking into account its limited resources, the Information System Master Plan (ISMP) highlighted the priorities of the various ongoing projects, and reduced the complexity of their implementation.

The proposed guidelines were discussed at the Consistory Council and presented to the Consistory in March 2012. A concrete action plan was identified, and has since been implemented.


  • The objectivity required to review past actions and take corrective action.
  • Identification of opportunities based on cost efficiency.
  • Implementation of an IT infrastructure suited to the organisation and its future challenges.
  • Development of internal synergy and cohesion, through a unifying project.