The client is a Swiss company active in the coffee market. Renowned for the quality of its products, the company works in close collaboration with many small producers of environmentally friendly coffee from various regions of the world.



The company commissioned AiM as part of a planned overhaul of the Business Intelligence (BI) solution for their call centre. Initially, reports were generated by an in-house application, mainly using data from the telephone system (Avaya).

The main objective was to provide performance dashboards to various management levels, using data from all tasks (telephone performance, time per task, hours, fax and e-mail, quality monitoring and quality performance) in a single BI tool, for a broad overview of the call centre.

A second objective was to establish a link between clients and the quality and frequency of call center interactions.


Having won the call for tenders, the AiM team specialised in Business Intelligence created a Datamart to consolidate the data generated by various applications supporting the call centre work: Avaya, Nessoft, Calleo, etc. Among other things, the Datamart provides various key performance indicators at different levels of the call centre organisation, from local agents to international managers.

The Datamart is designed according to a functional layered architecture, thus facilitating maintenance and possible future developments. The project ran for 268 days.

Technical environment :

  • Source data: Oracle databases, flat files, web services, XML files
  • ETL: Oracle Data Integrator
  • Reporting tool: Cognos 10


  • Working with Business Intelligence experts, covering KPI analysis, definition and implementation of data integration and reporting
  • Providing a configurable metadata layer to track Datamart feed processes
  • Post-project continuity through an L2 support proposal with defined, measurable SLAs