Gottex Brokers Alternative (“Gottex”), a subsidiary of Gottex Brokers SA, is a leading interbank and institutional broker, recognised in its field for more than 25 years. Gottex offers its European and American institutional clients an intermediary service in the secondary market for hedge funds and private equity shares. The brokerage firm is based in Lausanne and New York.



Gottex is subject to highly specific, stringent compliance regulations. Traders must rigorously track the sometimes-complex financial transactions made by their clients.

Our client needed a better way to trace these financial transactions, and management approvals in some cases. What’s more, Gottex was prepared to give up their obsolete, costly Excel spreadsheet system, and was interested in putting in place a more reliable, automated process.


The Gottex technical team selected Bonita BPM and AiM as a Bonitasoft partner-integrator to implement the solution. AiM is a Bonitasoft highest level partner (Maestro), and is therefore able to provide clients with a highest level of expertise and accreditation in the integration of Bonita BPM solutions.

Thanks to  the in-house studio-designed Bonita BPM user interface, the Gottex teams managed to design their processes with relative ease using web forms natively integrated into the solution.

Some Bonita BPM functions needed by Gottex required many connectors (to save files, create PDFs, exchange with Dropbox and Egnyte Cloud), interfaces with an external Jasper server and BIME (to report data from their business database), multi-instantiations, iterations and much more.

As part of this partnership, AiM took on the development, integration and deployment of the first BPM application. At the same time, AiM provided team coaching and training. With the transfer of AiM’s skills and expertise, alongside the Bonita BPM solution, the Gottex business teams are now autonomous and can continue the development of their application.


  • A Swiss company, with expertise in BPM and Bonitasoft Maestro partner, in charge of integrating the solution.
  • Unlike Excel,  a reliable tool and fewer ungrateful tasks and a better understanding of business processes.
  • Process-oriented applications, to ensure compliance with stringent regulations while reducing human error risks.