The École d’Horlogerie de Genève (Geneva Watchmaking School) trains more than 260 students for the Federal Certificate of Capacity (CFC) and the bachelor degree diplomas. The school objective is to train professionals in watch making trades, to pass on to them the watch making know-how inherited from Swiss culture. The training is based on the use of Tell Watch a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software developed and marketed by AiM.



As well as training students in computer-aided design, the school takes part in specific projects. For one of these projects, the restoration of the Ecogia clock, the school sent around 60 CFPT (Professional Technical Training Centre) students to dismantle the clock, digitize and restore its components.

The students spent more than 1024 hours digitizing all the clocks components, exposing the kinematics and mechanical constraints of this venerable piece of Swiss clockmaking history. This enabled them to restore the clock in accordance with best practice.


AiM develops and markets Tell Watch, a CAD software package with features covering the specific needs of the watchmaking industry. Tell Watch enables the study, design and 3D simulation of most complex watch movements.

Its usability, the creative freedom it offers and the reliability of its results make Tell Watch a unique software to explore a world of watch making innovative solutions, while keeping development time and costs to a minimum.



  • A vertical solution for watch makers, compliant with FHS standards.
  • A kinematic solution to validates watch movements design.
  • An easy to use, time saving solution for R&D.
  • Compatible with main market CAD tools, with interfaces letting transfer complete assemblies with no loss of information.
  • Options to create realistic 3D animations of the movement.
  • Minimum configuration requirements: 2 GB of memory, three-button mouse, 3D graphics card